Create, refine, pitch and repeat

As writers, we slave away on our works in progress, dreaming and refining for months, even years, until our manuscript is ready to pitch.

Photo thanks to Yishi Kangrang

To aim for that big goal – traditional publication – we must “submit” to an agent or publisher. The pecking order is clear, and there are plenty of pecks. 

For a new writer, the odds the pitch will be caught and cultivated are ridiculously low. Why would the industry take a risk with someone new when popular writers are still coming up with the goods? 

Image thanks to Carla Rivera

So thank you to those agents and publishers who reject carefully. Your feedback is helpful.

Image courtesy Hudson Hintze

No one likes rejection, least of all a sensitive writer. Yet we know a horse rider must get back on after a fall. Olympians ride with broken bones! What dinghy sailor has never capsized?

We know we’ll never get “the call” if we don’t keep pitching. Never get that goal. Never know if the industry is ready for our contribution.

Back in the bunker, we create and refine some more.

Thank you, #writingcommunity. In our virtual #writerscafe, we nod and encourage each other as we create, refine, pitch and repeat.

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