New! Summer Beach

Hot off the press comes Summer Beach, the first in Amber Jakeman’s Escape to the Coast trilogy.

Whatever the season, enjoy Summer Beach — a love song, a beach read and a second chance, rock star and boy next door romance for all seasons!

The North Sydney Sun describes Summer Beach as “a perfect read for a long cold winter.” Read more.

From a five-star review from a UK reader:

“If you want a great summer read look no further,” she says. “Absolutely loved this wonderful book & once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.

“This is one of those cosy feel good reads we all like to curl up with now & again. Beautifully written with a lovely interesting storyline & definitely one to lose yourself in…”

Read about the recent launch.

Summer Beach: the blurb

How can you find your way home  past a tripwire?

Sam’s an LA computer-coding workaholic.

Jake’s a reluctant rockstar who denies his songwriting talent.

When Sam returns to an Australian backwater to sell her family’s beach house, gruff neighbor Jake stymies her plans – then steals her heart.

Beneath Sam’s house lies a tragic time bomb that will blow her world apart.

With help from best friend Fliss and Jake, can Sam embrace her future – before it’s too late?


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More praise for Summer Beach

I really enjoyed this novel from cover to cover and read most of it in one sitting as I could not put it down. As with all of Amber’s novels, there is always more than meets the eye. These are not just feel-good fiction stories. They cover rich and diverse themes exploring the behaviour of people… Amber delves into the layers of a person’s heart and peels away the facades. She observes and explores in her stories, the reasons people do what they do. …

This novel oozes love, kindness, friendship, neighbourly care, courage and emotional healing. I highly recommend this heart-warming and uplifting story, no matter the season. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” Read Cindy’s full review.

“I so enjoyed this easy read feel good story … Hello rock star fans, where are you hiding? because I have news for you, this is very much up your alley way… I was totally invested in this book… 5 star review/rating.” Pauline

“Amber’s done it again. She has intrigued us, beguiled us and left us longing for more. Apart from the joyful and relaxing belief that Summer Beach will have a happy ending, the superb prose is a wonderful testimonial to the delight of the descriptive word.” Annette Billingham 

“Summer Beach is the first in Amber Jakeman’s new series Escape to the Coast trilogy and I can’t wait to read the next one. As always Amber does not disappoint and has written a sweet, romantic, clean inspiring love story that was great from beginning to end…

“Summer Beach is a sure winner with every possibility of finding its way to the Hallmark Channel to be presented as one of their starring Saturday Night Romance Movies. Please do not pass this one up but instead put it on the top of your reading list.” 5 stars from Trudi

House of Jewels series

For a sparkling, fresh read from popular feel-good fiction author Amber Jakeman, fall in love with the Huntley family of jewelers!

The recently launched, heart-warming House of Jewels series follows the Huntleys’ fortunes in Australia, France and the US. The five books may be read in any order.

Book One: House of Diamonds

In House of Diamonds, an “enemies to lovers” tale, sassy indie jeweler stallholder Stella Rhys is turning over almost as much stock as the Huntleys’ House of Diamonds, with no overheads. 

Stationed right outside their jewelry emporium, Stella steals the Huntleys’ show on social media and in the plaza. But wait till she steals the heart of handsome James Huntley the Third!

Will these dueling jewelers ever work out what to do with an engagement ring?

Praise for House of Diamonds

Great book to curl up with. Brew a cup of coffee on a rainy day, like I did, and get lost in it.” Jackie

I really enjoyed it. The characters were likable and well written. I like a slow romance where the characters don’t jump in bed the minute they meet. The romance was right and there was a little intrigue… Thanks for an enjoyable read.” Wanda

“It’s the perfect bedtime ‘read’. Annette B

“A delightful page-turner! The world of jewellery is a splendid backdrop to your romance, as are Sydney Harbour, Bowral and the south of France!” Sparkle-lover

House of Diamonds is now available as an Apple Audiobook! You can listen to the preview here.

If you’re not already listening to Apple Audiobooks and you’d like to purchase House of Diamonds for yourself or someone else, please follow these instructions for your Apple device (phone or iPad or Mac). Then search for House of Diamonds and scroll down to the audio version. Happy listening!

Buy House of Diamonds ebook Buy House of Diamonds paperback (USA) Buy House of Diamonds paperback (Australia)

NB: For paperbacks, please dial up Amazon in your own country and order online. (In Sydney, buy my paperbacks at Galaxy Bookshop, upstairs at Abbeys at 131 York Street near the QVB in the CBD.)

Book Two: House of Hearts

James Huntley’s bad boy brother, Will, has picked up a bad gambling problem on the French Riviera. Vegas therapist Dr Lisa Bakker cures him of one bad habit, only to wonder if he’s become addicted to her.

Opposites attract in this forced proximity tale of forbidden love. Will this playboy win his Queen of Hearts?

Praise for House of Hearts

“… a wonderful love story with a number of twists in the plot… I really enjoyed it.”

“Was amazed at your extensive knowledge on counselling procedures and rules, a myriad of psychological conditions, and gambling addiction (and the triggers). Great research!” Jen

“I could not put it down.”

“Many congratulations on another bestseller.” Annette.

“I really liked it and can’t wait to pass it on to my book-reading friends.” Robyn

Buy House of Hearts ebook Buy House of Hearts paperback (USA) Buy House of Hearts paperback (Australia)

NB: For paperbacks, please dial up Amazon in your own country and order online. (In Sydney, buy my paperbacks at Galaxy Bookshop, upstairs at Abbeys at 131 York Street near the QVB in the CBD.)

Book Three: House of Spades

Can love blaze later in life? Rural romance House of Spades takes readers to the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

Serial single Flame Rhys accidentally rekindles a widower’s passion for life, for his land and for love.

But how can Ross Archer convince Flame to stay with him, when every other lover has let her down? And will a dark secret spoil it all?

Flame is a runaway bride when opposites attract in this seasoned romance for environmentalists and traditionalists alike.

The feel-good fiction cover of House of Spades by Amber Jakeman shows an older woman with red hair holding gumboots in a lush green rural valley with a caravan.
Read more about House of Spades HERE

Praise for House of Spades

“Your book inspired me to rewild parts of my property.”

” … some delightful insight into the subtropical climate and people of northern New South Wales.”

“Flame is awesome.”

Buy House of Spades ebook Buy House of Spades paperback (US) Buy House of Spades paperback (Australia)

NB: For paperbacks, please dial up Amazon in your own country and order online. (In Sydney, buy my paperbacks at Galaxy Bookshop, upstairs at Abbeys at 131 York Street near the QVB in the CBD.)

Book Four: House of Clubs

Who holds the key to her heart?

When stylish Australian widow Cynthia Huntley moves to France and begins to renovate a centuries-old property, she and handsome handyman Émile tussle over a “perfect” chandelier.

Cynthia lets the mysterious yet gallant Émile into her house, but will she let him into her heart? 

What is Émile fleeing? And what is worth seeking in life? As winter closes in, will Cynthia abandon her French adventure? Or can she and Émile claim love again later in life—together?

Opposites attract in this seasoned romance, or are Cynthia and Émile simply soulmates from different countries?

The feel-good fiction cover of House of Clubs by Amber Jakeman shows a well-groomed older woman in Paris.

Praise for House of Clubs

“Love this romance. I feel it is the best of this series. Love the ending. And I love how I seem to learn about a certain topic in each of the stories.” – Gail

“This book took me to the south of France. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

“From the opening paragraph I was hooked and never once during the reading was I disappointed. Well, except maybe when I came to the last page but that was because I did not want the story to end!” Cindy L Spear

Buy House of Clubs (e-book) Buy House of Clubs paperback (US) Buy House of Clubs (Australia)

NB: For paperbacks, please dial up Amazon in your own country and order online. (In Sydney, buy my paperbacks at Galaxy Bookshop, upstairs at Abbeys at 131 York Street near the QVB in the CBD.)

Book Five: Full House

The feel-good fiction cover of Fully House by Amber Jakeman shows a French chateau and a love heart in sky writing framed by roses.

​​​​​​​What can you do when you’ve friend-zoned the one you love?

Nicole Huntley, marketing manager for her family’s international jewelry business, froze out family friend Scottie back when they were teenagers.

Now he’s the Huntleys’ financial advisor. Newly divorced, the affable Scottie needs somewhere to stay. Nicole offers him space, never expecting to fall for him — hard.

But when fate deals the Huntleys a high-stakes fresh hand, “conflict of interest” threatens to shatter her family, destroy their retail empire — and to break her heart.

Get ready for the showdown in Full House, a “second chance” and “brother’s best friend” romance — the latest international heartwarmer in the Huntley House of Jewels saga. 

Buy Full House e-book Buy Full House paperback (US) Buy Full House paperback (Australia)

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Short stories

Enjoy Reserved, a short story by Amber Jakeman.

Learn more about Amber Jakeman.

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