Escape into the landscape of the heart
with Amber Jakeman

House of Jewels series

Meet the Huntleys, the Aussie jewellery empire heirs with a challenge or four…

Book One: House of Diamonds

Sassy Bondi Junction jewellery stallholder Stella Rhys is turning over almost as much stock as the Huntleys, with no overheads. She’s stealing their show on social media and in the plaza. But wait till she steals the heart of James Huntley the Third … (House of Diamonds is Book One of the House of Jewels series)

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House of Hearts by Amber Jakeman

James Huntley’s bad boy brother, Will, has picked up a bad gambling problem on the French Riviera. Vegas therapist Dr Lisa Bakker cures him of one bad habit… only to wonder if he’s become addicted to her. Will this playboy win his Queen of Hearts? (House of Hearts is Book Two of the House of Jewels series.)

Contemporary fiction

Image of cup pen and pad courtesy Steve Johnson
Image courtesy Steve Johnson

Strictly Business by Amber Jakeman

Belinda thought she’d moved on. Matt has other ideas.

This reunion romance pits ambitious recruitment consultant Belinda Kelleher against the best candidate to fill a role for her dream client. Matt Evans definitely has the best CV. The trouble is, it’s the same Matt who stood her up for her high school formal…

Historical fiction

Amulet by Amber Jakeman

Set in Sydney in 1912, Amulet is a love triangle between naive Florence Doveridge, new man in town Hamish Gordon, a Scottish engineer who begins a community choir, and the minister’s wife, Bonnie, who is Florence’s best friend.

Second Bell by Amber Jakeman

In the Great Depression of 1932, the courtship of a young pianist and handsome Sydney ferryman is interrupted when Laura accepts a job entertaining on a cruise ship to San Francisco.

Can Laura and Jack’s mutual attraction survive the charms of debonair passenger Charles Delmont?

Short stories

Read Reserved, a short story by Amber Jakeman.

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