Fresh e-book sparkles ahead of Valentine’s Day

Writers are quiet creatures who lurk in the shadows to observe human behaviour and recreate it in fresh ways in fiction. We don’t want to shout “buy my book”!

Yet, to bring our works to readers, we must market what we create.

In the mood for romance ahead of Valentine’s Day? 

House of Diamonds is a sparkling modern love tale about duelling jewellers.

Handsome James Huntley the Third faces a challenge or two at his Bondi Junction business. 

Sparkles fly when newbie jeweller Stella Rhees sets up her home-made jewellery stall outside his shop.

She steals the limelight at his expensive PR stunt, and then she steals his heart.

Instant enemies, and fighting their attraction to each other, Stella and James become entangled in a social media war. 

Will this dazzling couple ever work out what to do with an engagement ring?

This fun love story celebrates romance, trust and commitment.

House of Diamonds is the first book in the House of Jewels serieswith an international flavourfeaturing the romantic fortunes of the Huntley family.

ORDER House of Diamonds HERE or from Amazon.

Email me at for a free review copy.

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Book 1 of the House of Jewels series

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