House of Hearts a modern love tale

House of Hearts is a sweet modern love tale about the romantic fortunes of the extended family of Eastern Suburbs jewellers, the Huntleys.

House of Hearts by Amber Jakeman
House of Hearts by Amber Jakeman

Opposites attract in House of Hearts when sweet addictions therapist Dr Lisa Bakker treats Will, an international playboy.

Lisa never breaks rules. Will Huntley breaks them all.

The one rule neither can ignore is the American Psychological Association’s two-year ban on client/therapist dating.

This book was inspired both by the beautiful west coast of the US—a land of contrasts—and by a previous writing role helping publicise free counselling services for people addicted to gambling.      

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I take this opportunity to warmly thank all my VIPs who helped make this book a reality.

Whether you’ve read and commented on early versions, shared your professional skills, enjoyed my earlier writing or helped spread the word, I’m indebted to you for your interest and support.

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I hope you enjoy House of Hearts!

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