#Gratitude for readers, reviewers and interviewers

Turns out writing books is the easy part! Finding readers is the ongoing challenge.

So, to those of you’ve who’ve found time to dive into my books, thank you for taking the plunge! Your feedback has been a joy.

Trusted and cherished beta readers have helped me improve early drafts, and many of you have been generous with your feedback on House of Diamonds and House of Hearts. I’ve included some of your kind comments here. Your enjoyment is my reward!

Thank you to Tony Eames of NFReads for the author interview out of the blue! Read the results.

I particularly appreciated the opportunity to explain how I feel about genre.

I told Tony that while on the surface my books might be classified as romance (on the sweet, clean and wholesome side rather than spicy, steamy or erotic) a number of men who would never voluntarily read romance have described my books as “page turners” and told me they’ve really enjoyed the emotional journey they offer.

I love it that we can break down reader stereotypes in reality in the same ways as we’re broadening character behaviour in fiction, welcoming diversity.

Thank you to Sal for lending fellow writer Jo Jukes and me your coastal hideaway for a recent writers’ retreat.

What a joy it was to lay out the Post-it Notes and plot book four of the House of Jewels series!

Fellow author Emma Lombard, thank you for encouraging me to commit to BookFunnel to arrange giveaways and promote more reviews, to help spread the word about my books.

Thank you to ARR2021 for the opportunity to sign author copies with fellow authors on the Gold Coast in August.

Thank you to all my followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to those I follow in return.

Thank you to reviewers of my books!

Reviews of House of Diamonds may be left on BookBub, Goodreads, Amazon or anywhere; while reviews of House of Hearts may also be left on BookBub, Goodreads, Amazon or elsewhere.

Happy reading!

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