Sweet Amber marmalade

A thousand thanks to the VIPs who’ve shared reviews, specialised knowledge and encouragement as we head into week ten or so of lockdown in Sydney with maybe five more to come.

While it takes away so much, lockdown has offered precious time to create. The first draft of Book 4 (House of Clubs) is done, Book 5 (Full House) is taking shape, and I’m dreaming up a whole new series. 

One day I made sweet amber marmalade. It’s a simple recipe. Chop fresh citrus fruit. Add equal parts water and sugar. Boil and stir, then pour all that distilled sunshine and energy into boiled glass jars. 

Making a large pot of marmalade

The recipe for writing is hardly spectacular. Sit still. Think. Then flick the fingers over the keyboard for hours and hours and hours. Voila! Books!

Writing fiction is mysterious. From introspection, whole worlds emerge. Characters take on lives of their own.

Writing is private. Until there’s a reader, results remain hidden. Only when the reader begins to decode the first few words can the story come to life in their own minds. 

As authors, we are not the story; nor are we ourselves, though we discuss those imaginary worlds with enthusiasm, sometimes discovering far more in them than we ever intended! 

Lockdown has also offered time to read. I’ve been delighted to discover fresh books by favourite authors. Have you ever pounced on a fresh book from a beloved author when you thought you’d read them all? It’s like finding an old friend.

Meanwhile, I continue to reach out to find new readers. The Romance Writers of Australia Conference has been rescheduled to December, along with the Australian Romance Readers Association “Romantic Rendezvous” book signing. What an honour to reach the ARRA spotlight recently!

You can read the full interview here.

And I’ve joined this fresh international promo with fellow “clean and wholesome” and “sweet romance” authors, with thanks to Angie Ellington.

Happy reading!

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