Notes from Europe

After staying close to home for two and a half years of the pandemic, what a joy and privilege it’s been to visit Europe again, to catch up with old friends and be inspired anew by treasures of Western civilisation and the natural beauty and bounty of the northern hemisphere’s late summer!

We’ve eaten fresh beans, apples and salads from the rooftop and backyard gardens of friends, picked wild blackberries beside the Swedish sea, found wildflowers on French riverbanks, and swooned at the beauty of formal gardens in full bloom.

We’ve worn out our sandals admiring cobbled streets, archways, sweeps of marble staircases, cathedrals, street libraries and ornate doorknobs.

In art galleries and museums, we’ve marvelled at cultural riches of sublime beauty, created with exquisite skill hundreds of years ago.

Ethereal Sainte-Chapelle in Paris
A medieval book

The passion, energy and ingenuity of humanity is inspiring. In Germany and France, we were astonished to find whole towns, cathedrals, homes and artworks, once ravaged by war, now lovingly restored, stone by stone, brushstroke by brushstroke. 

Beyond tragedies and foolishness, the church bells of ancient French villages remind us we can recover and thrive as individuals and communities, while lovelocks and heart-shaped trees show how we welcome love in our lives.

Lovelocks on a bridge near Cologne Cathedral
A heart shaped tree on the edge of a French canal

Latest reviews

Though I’d hoped to be writing in France, the pandemic arrived instead. It was gratifying to see the stone buildings and wisteria, the boulangeries and town squares, as solid and beautiful as the memories which inspired my writing! 

While in France, it was a thrill to receive and celebrate with friends another five-star review, for my House of Clubs, book 4 of the House of Jewels series, set in France! 

“… absolutely giving this a sparkling 5 stars and recommending to Historical Fiction lovers, contemporary fiction followers and readers who enjoy feel good books.” My thanks to reviewer Pauline Reid!

France features again in Book 5, Full House, and I could not be more delighted to share with you this additional 5-star review, received only days later, including comments on the entire House of Jewels series. I thank reviewer and author Cindy L Spear for her generous words.

“Amber has done it again! She has delivered an exceptional novel with the closing chapter of the House of Jewels series. I, for one, will miss these wonderful engaging characters and the delightful events in their lives that I have come to enjoy and appreciate but the novels will be beautifully preserved for years and readers to come.”

Of the whole series, Cindy generously writes:

“I have watched each character from his and her starting point and enjoyed their journeys immensely. The novels are tender in tone but not light in topic or without well thought-out solutions. Everything covered is thoroughly researched. 

“There is depth, wonder and wisdom written across these pages. Plus beautiful sprinkles of laughter and uplifting humour that break the intensity of drama at times. Amber delves into many personality types, business ideas, emotional traumas, addiction problems, media issues, wanderlust tendencies, environmental concerns, family restoration, family business, entrepreneur experience, starting anew, second chances and lasting love scenarios— just to name a few. 

“Amber’s attention to detail is exceptional. The settings are all picturesque, atmospheric and so well-described you feel as if you are there in person. Believable growth shines within each of the character arcs. 

“They are people you fall in love with, get annoyed with, be inspired by, understand and appreciate. 

”Well done to Amber Jakeman for a 5 Star collection that I highly recommend for those who want to escape into a series that offers you more than meets the eye and creates heart-lifting memories that will linger with you long after the last page. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” Cindy L Spear

View Cindy’s reviews here. I could not be more grateful!

A reminder

You are warmly invited to join author Pamela Hart and me for the Sydney launch of the House of Jewels series at Galaxy Bookshop, upstairs at Abbeys Bookshop at 131 York Street, Sydney, Australia, across the road from the shopping wonderland of the heritage Queen Victoria Building (QVB), at 2pm on Saturday 8 October.

Pamela, who also teaches at the Australian Writers’ Centre, will interview me, and I’ll have the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the series in diverse ways as we celebrate the joy of reading.

Sweet romance selections for you to browse

For just a few more days, you can find a host of free sweet romances here, including my House of Diamonds.

House of Diamonds features in this Fall Into Love (Sweet Romance) promo.

You can find all five books in my House of Jewels series in this Some Like It Clean promotion.

Find Full House in this Second Chance Romance selection.

Thank you

I thank each and every one of you for your interest in my books. Every book offers a holiday of a kind, a temporary departure from our normal life and a window into other worlds.

Happy reading!

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