How many hats?

June 2019

How many hats do you wear?

Image courtesy Kevin Young

All of us own more than one!

There’s the baby’s bonnet when we are new to the world; the child’s sunhat as we splash in the bright shallows; the school hat; then maybe a party hat or two… Do you have a sombrero or turban squashed at the back of your cupboard?

Who doesn’t love a warm beanie on a windy winter’s night? Around a campfire, watching the sparks swirl above a canopy of ice bright stars, no one can see your hat hair.

Image courtesy Artem Beliaikin

We change our hats as we change our names. We might take our partner’s name, and maybe drop it again. We might become a mother, a father, a grandparent. We have business names and pen-names, pet names, nick names and even general names. Sometimes I’m “the Australian”, sometimes “the reader”.

Sometimes, I’m Amber Jakeman, writer of romance.

June 2019

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