What is ‘feel-good’ fiction?

For all their benefits, our busy lifestyles and wonderful technology are demanding. They distract us and divide our attention.

Sometimes we need a reliable haven, a place in the mind to escape the worries of the world and our personal chores and challenges, a place of replenishment.

Feel-good fiction offers that haven. 

Feel-good fiction nourishes and satisfies.

It thrills without horrifying. 

Feel-good fiction readers can relate to the believable characters and their emotional roller coasters.

The heroes and heroines must pit their wits against challenging circumstances and untangle their assumptions and failings to overcome conflict.

Only then can they find their uplifting ending.

Sun streams into a peaceful garden in the country

Reflecting the everyday challenges and triumphs that are all around us – love, joy, friendships and romance – feel-good fiction warms the heart.

tranquil sunset over quiet bay

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