Do you read with your feet?

If libraries are the beating heart of our culture – circulating stories, ideas and history for all – then surely bookshops should be revered.

Best selling books for sale

Bookstores are where we find the freshly published and our favourite reads.

Books are tangible, giftable, receivable, lendable and ultimately recyclable. They grow our brains, educate, inform and entertain.

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There’s everything to treasure about our books, writers, publishers and booksellers.

Are our bookshops endangered?

As the virtual world strengthens its hold on us, there’s valid concern about bookshop closures.

Bookshop window

Remember the rise of the video store and the demise of the suburban cinema? 

Fast forward a decade or two, and the video stores were closing, while cinemas revived and have survived.

May our beloved bookstores endure. Survive. Thrive!

‘Vote 1’ bookshops 

As Christmas approaches, I know where I’ll be walking.

I’ll pop in. Browse. Buy.

Do you have a beloved bookshop or three?

Blues Point Bookshop
Blues Point Bookshop

Reader nominations include:

Feel free to email me at and I’ll add your pick to the list.

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Books make wonderful gifts

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