DIY and best wishes

In the age of COVID-19, stuck at home, new homesteading routines bring comfort.

I bake sourdough, make soup, grow a few herbs in pots on the veranda, and even manage to cut my own hair.

We’re still a long way from Little House on the Prairie. Miraculous technology brings a world of music and knowledge to my fingertips and grants me welcome contact with work, friends and family.

Photo courtesy Kaitlyn Baker

And yet the enormity of this virus looms.

Did anyone else shed a tear when the Queen spoke? Whatever your politics, times are grave when the Queen gives such an address.

A daily walk for exercise reveals neighbourhood playgrounds cordoned off as if they’re the scenes of a murder. 

We turn away from strangers. We cannot hug our friends and family.

Image courtesy Becca Tapert

As we brace ourselves for bad news, we fear for each other as we fear for ourselves.

Another day at home. Finish another book? Read? Dream? Edit? Procrastinate? Publish and be damned?

We are so grateful for all that is still so good. In Australia, after the bushfires, we’ve had rain. The sun still rises, shines and sets, and there’s food.

We can still laugh. We can still dream.

So I share this blog, grateful for kindness and care, and for everyone’s efforts to make this a better world.

Stay safe.

All the best with your own pursuits!

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