The biggest story of them all

It’s impossible to blog and ignore the unfolding story of COVID-19.

Like it or not, we’re pinned between the bookends of the world’s greatest mystery series, somewhere between the onset of The Virus and an unknown ending, engrossed in a narrative of undefined length.

It’s a hell of a horror story.

The invisible monster stalks the aged and frail, the rich and the poor, the guilty and innocent.

Neither wealth, nor status, nor armies nor beauty can defend us.

In art, books and in movies, our former, familiar world is held like the dragonfly in amber while we endlessly wash our hands and avoid each other.

Image courtesy Wilhelm Gunkel

The characters in the biggest horror story of our time are ourselves, and we are vitally invested in what will happen next.

Romance is on hold. Does anyone else experience culture shock when they see or read of people hugging, holding hands and embracing?

Photo thanks to Priscilla du Preez

Every kiss may play out Romeo and Juliet’s demise.

Like the formal heroes and heroines of historical fiction, we must maintain social distance, wear gloves and look on with longing, all touch forbidden.

Pre-COVID life? Far-fetched as a fairy tale! 

Yet now, more than ever, we must stare down the dragon, unleash our wits, and harness powers we didn’t know we possessed.

Will science fiction save us?

Read on, dear reader. Stay safe.

Pic by Vlad Cinculescu

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