The great em dash

In symphonies, we have rests and codas; in writing we have em dashes, paragraphs and fresh chapters. In pandemics? We’ve paused and mostly stayed at home.  

Here in Sydney, we’re racing towards our final days of a long lockdown—three and a half months or more—due to ease on 11 October. 

Will we ever see the Sydney Opera House so devoid of people ever again? We hope not!

Though we’re rightly haunted by the worst of it, the best of it was a pure gift.

Before COVID, I rushed through my allotted time in a blur of dates and commitments. In lockdown, I … stopped.

Busy days of writing still ate up whole weeks, but between the deadlines, life was so much quieter.

Parameters shrank to the walls of my apartment and the legislated five kilometre exercise radius (on foot or by boat).

Forced to pause, I remembered the value of simpler things. 

I rested.

Bright geraniums budded and blossomed on the verandah, birds sang and swooped in for a bath and a drink. When not chatting with precious friends and family, I photographed every vista of my daily walk. 

See more photos on Instagram @JakemanAmber

When not writing, I read. And read and read (okay, and maybe I watched a series or four on Netflix).

I gave thanks to the scientists and health care workers, to all who helped ensure our water and food still reached our tables, and to everyone who followed the rules and recommendations to keep us as safe as possible, despite so many challenges. (Keep up the good work. This horror story is not quite over …)

And as I watched the sun set and the sourdough rise, I also had time to think—to ask myself who would chase my dreams if I didn’t.

More gifts

With book shops shut and no chance to hold official launches (remember “parties”?) I was very fortunate to be able to reach out to new readers through some local papers.

It was a huge honour to be featured by both Coast Community News and the North Sydney Sun newspapers in recent weeks. Heartiest of thanks to Terry and Grahame and your teams!

Thank you, Coast Community News team!

 Read Amber’s sweet romance is a fiction jewel, from Coast Community News.

Thanks to the North Sydney Sun newspaper!

View McMahons Point author creates a world of rivalry and romance, on page 13 of the North Sydney Sun. My thanks to photographer Heather Kirk!

October deals and author swaps

Once again I’ve joined forces with other authors from around the world to share some of our free and affordable works.

Feel free to browse this “Tender Tuesday” sweet romance promo which is due to run from 5 to 9 October (even though the dates on the link may be different).

You might also enjoy the twist in this millionaire’s story from US clean romance writer Lottie Morgan. 

Thank you for your interest in my books and your words of encouragement.

Enjoy my books.

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