Hello, France; hello world!

As Australia cautiously reopens its border, many of us begin to dream again of travel. Yet armchair travel will doubtless remain popular.

The fantasy of living in France is not unusual. Note the popularity of Emily in Paris on Netflix and Melissa Fyfe’s recent story on a former Aussie politician and his fiancé who are doing up a French château

Those of you who’ve read any of my House of Jewels series may recall stylish Australian widow Cynthia Huntley, mother of James Huntley the Third, bad boy Will and Nicole.

(By the way, apparently House of Spades and House of Clubs are known as “seasoned romance,” as they feature “later in life” protagonists and “silver foxes”!) 

House of Clubs, to be released next month, will trace Cynthia’s journey as she fulfils her long-held dream of living in France.

As she renovates a corner property in a picturesque village in Provence, Cynthia doesn’t expect to fight over a chandelier.

Cynthia lets the gallant Émile into her house, but will she let him into her heart? And why does Émile disappear, just when she misses him most?

Come with me on Cynthia’s adventure for a taste of France when I share the links with you next month!

Provincial market tomato images courtesy @Vauclusedreamer on twitter
Image thanks to Christian Mackie

Review gratitude

Though writers are wary of reviewers, in our online world, positive reviews help sell books. While I’ve heard that some new writers pay reviewers, this seems to me to defeat the purpose.

So, I’m very grateful to those of you who’ve found a moment to leave reviews on BookBub, Goodreads, and Amazon, on social media, or have mentioned my books to friends.

I’m particularly grateful to my latest reviewer Cindy L Spear who reviewed House of Hearts in depth earlier this month.

Cindy writes: “Book 2 House of Hearts of the House of Jewels series is just as captivating as Book 1 House of Diamonds but Amber takes us a little deeper into the life of the most famous and youngest of the Huntley Jewellery family. 

“In doing so, she knocks the lid off social practices gone awry: over-drinking and compulsive gambling. Despite the seriousness of the topic, House of Hearts still delivers a joyful feel good story… 

House of Hearts is worth your time, handled well, full of questions and heart-felt answers… 

“It is a story of hope that makes you think long and hard about addiction, appearances, second chances and love in all its many seasonal phases. I highly recommend this novel. 4.5 Stars”

Meanwhile, I’m so glad Elvira and a mystery reader enjoyed House of Diamonds so much they gave me my first 5-star reviews on Amazon. Thank you!

I’m also super grateful to those of you who share your feedback to help me improve my books. I’ve written in the past about the value of this kind of constructive criticism, or literary tough love.

Please email me at amberjakemansydney@gmail.com if you’d like to become a beta reader, if you’d like to receive review copies of my books, or if you simply wish to point out a typo! 

A global readership!

It’s a thrill to know that my books are now read around the world. 

A few months ago when House of Spades was released, I announced new readers from Italy, Egypt, Spain, the US, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, Barbados, the Philippines, Austria, France, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Luxemburg, Austria, Malta, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Ireland, India and Portugal.

Since then, I’ve welcomed new VIP readers from Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, India, Uganda, Croatia, France, Russia, Norway, Philippines, Mexico, Sweden, Swaziland, Denmark and Kenya!

A long time ago I had the privilege of living with two generous host families for a year in Michigan, USA, as a Rotary International Exchange Student. That year, in addition to all the fine Americans I met, I made new exchange student friends from 19 other countries.

It was quite a party every time we gathered. We shared music and tales of our homelands, and had a ball. While much was made of the differences between our clothing, languages and customs, it was our similarities which really surprised us.  

Image courtesy Nick Fewings

It’s no secret that my heart broke a little in that era before social media, as I waved from the door of the airplane in mid-winter before taking off, bound for Australia. Returning home was a warm and welcome embrace with Aussie friends and family, yet I still think of all those friends from the US and around the globe I’m unlikely to see again.

Fortunately, words can unite us, wherever we may be in space or time. How extraordinary that my books are now read in more than 40 countries!

It’s a great joy to make these new connections with readers and fellow authors around the globe through my writing. 

On that note, Californian sweet romance author Laura Haley-McNeil has this recent release for sale in her “sweet romcom” Beaumont Brides series.

Thank you always for your interest in my books and your words of encouragement.

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Enjoy my books.

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Happy reading!

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