Writing the story right, like a shipwright

Writing a book is like building a boat.

We float an idea. We want to entice you, to beckon you aboard and take you, the reader, on an adventure you’ll love and remember forever.

Is there that thrill of anticipation as you peruse the book cover and open it?

Image courtesy Michael Blum

From the first page, will you step off the dry land of reality and into our fluid world of words?

Image by Kristel Hayes

Our boat must welcome you, buoy you along, bring you a breeze to flick at your clothes and hair.

Will you stumble as a wave knocks us sideways with a splash? Do you laugh and recover?

Image thanks to Ludomil Sawicki

Sunlight shimmers off the water as seagulls cry. Silver fish flash and glint below the surface till clouds gather above and the wind whips up a storm.

Billowing sails force us forwards, deep and deeper into the unknown.

Rowboat, skiff, barge, speed boat, party boat, square rigger, racer or cruiser – will we weather the elements?

Image courtesy Rebecca McKenna

Like shipwrights, writers make choices, adjustments and repairs. We add planks and shape them, secure them with screws that last. I’m editing, fixing leaks, adding fittings – a mast, boom, ropes, sails, navigation lights, wheel, compass, a guitar, blue cushions, spare hats and a brass lamp on gimbals for the darkest of nights.

I want to write you stars and a midnight moon you can’t resist, and thunder and lightning, and then, the brightest of dawns as the sun comes up, pink and gold and glowing on sea and sky – a sunrise to make you smile and warm your heart.

Image thanks to Pascal Debrunner

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