In praise of the dream team

Sydney has just celebrated Vivid, an extravaganza of light and beauty on our harbour just as the chill and darkness of winter bite.

The magic of Vivid is not so much that the beauty is freshly created, but that the beauty was already there, awaiting spotlights and highlights and touches of colour in just the right places.

This is the skill of the dream team, to select edges and beams and planes to bring out the best in a city of detail, to enchant with the pinnacles, and render ordinariness invisible.

Behind every book is a dream team. Flip to the acknowledgements in a paperback and you’ll find at least half a page full of treasured names of full-time publishing professionals who have shared their expertise to make that book a reality.

Thank you!

Most readers appreciate the value of editing. Did you know there are four major types of edits? Books benefit from developmental editors, substantive or structural editors, copy editors, and proofreaders.

Then there are the cover designers, publicists and marketing experts, those who know what is selling where and how to best promote and distribute each offering.

This post is to acknowledge my dream team, the friends and family, writing buddies and loyal readers who so generously share their feedback with me, encourage my efforts, point out typos and share reviews and social media posts so other readers can find my books.

You light my words

Warmest thanks to my beta readers and enablers whose careful comments about and throughout previous drafts add light to my sweet modern love tales.

I dedicate the next in the series, Full House, available shortly, to Marilyn, two Bruces, Annie, Jo, Carolyn, Robyn, Gail, Alex, Heather, Jan, Robyn, Cheryl, Sal, Tom, Jordan, Shauna, Marg, Bernadette Foley and Casey and to those cheering from the sidelines. Without your generosity, Amber Jakeman’s House of Jewels series would simply not exist. (Do let me know if you’re happy for your full names to appear in the acknowledgements in Full House!)

Warmest thanks also to those in bookshops giving me a chance, and to everyone who’s been able to leave a review or two and spread the word. You are all my dream team!

If you enjoy Facebook, please feel free to join my Facebook Feel-Good Fiction Dream Team group. (Email me and I’ll invite you via Facebook.)

Save the date!

I could not be more excited! After all the lockdowns, we will launch my whole House of Jewels series at once, at 2pm on 8 October at Galaxy Bookshop upstairs at Abbeys, 121 York Street, Sydney, opposite the QVB.

I’m over the moon to announce that prolific Australian author Pamela Freeman (also romance author Pamela Hart and Creative Writing Director at the Australian Writers’ Centre) will interview me at the launch! Do, please, save the date. I’d love you to join us.

Find my books

Here’s a summary of the House of Jewels series including purchase links for my e-books.

In Sydney, find the paperbacks at Galaxy Bookshop upstairs at Abbeys near the QVB. Please note that Galaxy also offers this handy order Galaxy paperbacks online service (use the search magnifying glass in the top right hand corner).

And please drop in to Harry Hartog Macquarie Centre, North Ryde, and give them my best wishes! They’re selling House of Diamonds and House of Hearts paperbacks.

Find similar books

Find my books and similar reads in this Sweet and Clean Summer! mix.

For a mix of sweet and racier reads, try Love Down Under (Romance Set in Australia) including House of Diamonds.

You’ll have to be quick to find free Clean Romance June 2022, and the giveaways in this free Sweet and Clean June promo before we hit July.

Happy reading!


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