A rainbow at sea

I took this “rainbow at sea” photo after days, weeks and months of rain. The sun is always shining somewhere in the world.

The final book in my House of Jewels series, Full House, almost ready to launch, will feature two love stories for the price of one.

The book begins with the tale of Nicole and Scottie and the big question: What can you do when you’ve “friend zoned” the one you truly love?

Just as Nicole and Scottie think they’ve solved it, fate deals our international Huntley family of jewelers a high-stakes fresh hand.

Hearts may break, a family shatter, and a retail empire crumble to dust! 

Get ready for the showdown in Full House, available soon!

Are you ready?

While my international heartwarmers can be read in any order, for maximum impact, I strongly recommend you prepare for Full House by following House of Diamonds with House of Hearts, House of Spades and House of Clubs, if you haven’t already done so. Find them all here.

Paperbacks of my books 1 to 4 are available via Amazon, at Galaxy Bookshop upstairs at Abbeys at 131 York Street, Sydney and, drumroll

A new outlet

I’m super excited to announce that Harry Hartog Bookseller at Macquarie Centre at North Ryde in Sydney is now stocking my House of Diamonds and House of Hearts paperbacks!

Harry Hartog Macquarie is an absolute treasure trove of new and preloved books and gifts for readers and browsers of all ages. Please support your local bookstores!

Love at the Sydney Writers’ Festival

It was a joy to spend a day at the Sydney Writers’ Festival with its theme, Change my Mind. What a thrill to hear Torres Strait Islander writer Thomas Mayor recite the Uluru Statement from the Heart to a standing ovation!

My favourite session was with a panel of Indigenous poets. I applaud Anne-Marie Te Whiu‘s assertion that “Love is radical and the work we do should be radical and anchored in love.“

Australian Romance Readers Association

Warmest thanks to the Australian Romance Readers Association for featuring me as a guest blogger recently.

I shared my love of words because for me, the written word carries a kind of magic. In lockdown, reading and writing books kept me company and kept me sane. 

Books make me laugh and cry. They stretch my mind and take me to new places in time and space. Of all the genres, I love romance best. The anguish and euphoria of relationships are endlessly fascinating. 

My commitment to writing feel-good fiction, with its uplifting endings, is because I see books as friends.

And while “news” continues to provide us with a never-ending gush of tragic facts, it is books which help me make sense of the world, and books which offer the hope and motivation I crave.

Humans have told and absorbed stories from the beginning of time, and I warmly acknowledge Australia’s First Nations People, our first storytellers.

True friends comfort each other, however bleak the world may seem. Books nourish the soul.

You can read the full blog here.

‘Closed door’ romance

Have you heard of the term “closed door” romance? It’s another name for “sweet” and “clean and wholesome” romance (in contrast to “steamy” and “spicy” romance, with explicit sex).

You might like to browse this selection of Sweet Romance Reads and this Sweet Romance and Women’s Fiction link. Both include some of my books.

You can also find my books among these Clean Romance reads, in this Sweet and Clean June selection with the theme of love and marriage, and this Some Like It Clean mix.

And here’s a quicker link to find my books.

Happy reading!

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