Oops. I quit the day job as AI arrived!

I loved my job, yet I resigned. Now, in all my humble humanity, I focus on writing fiction.

And, like an artisan baker, I invite you to value the imperfections.

One of my children instructed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write a synopsis of a romance called Byron Blooms. While it came up with two likable characters and a plausible scenario, to my taste it was too perfect, too bland.

By preying on the works of other writers, maybe Byron Blooms breached copyright, and while it’s an extraordinary technological wonder, and can doubtless be improved upon with more finely nuanced instructions, will such works ever really eclipse the achievements of real writers?

Writing coach Dan Blank (not a robot) encourages us to “create what is in your heart, and share it with those who will appreciate it.”

You might enjoy this BBC article on whether romance writers are at risk of being replaced by chatbots, along with writing coach Dan Blank’s recent post on how AI may change the future of writing and creating. 

I’ve found a deep joy in creating my characters and resolving their challenges, a joy I hope my readers share.

While machines have removed much of the drudgery of survival from our lives in the past 600 years or so, it’s my earnest hope that as humans, we continue to value and share the fruits of our innate creativity and careful labor.

Escape to the Coast

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my House of Jewels series, I’ve kept writing, and am delighted to announce that a fresh series, Escape to the Coast, is well under way.

I’m enormously grateful to VIPs who’ve been able to beta read the first book, Summer Beach, and provide helpful feedback, so that it will shortly be ready to launch.

Once again I thank brilliant cover designer Kylie Sek for capturing in her artwork the beauty of the beach and the fragility of the fledgling relationship between the main characters.

And once again, my work will explore serious themes such as sustainability, women’s empowerment, grief and trauma, yet with a light touch and positive resolutions.

The cover of Amber Jakeman's next novel, beach read Summer Beach, from Amber's new Escape to the Coast series of feel-good fiction, shows a woman on a bicycle at the beach with a man and a guitar.

Here’s the blurb:

Summer Beach: a love song:

How can you find your way home  past a tripwire?

Sam’s an LA computer-coding workaholic.
Jake’s a reluctant rockstar who denies his songwriting talent.
When Sam returns to an Australian backwater to sell her family’s beach house, gruff neighbor Jake stymies her plans – then steals her heart.
Beneath Sam’s house lies a tragic time bomb that will blow her world apart.
With help from best friend Fliss and Jake, can Sam embrace her future – before it’s too late?

You’re welcome to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and see my next blog for launch details, and you can preorder your copy now!

Preorder Summer Beach ebook

Mother’s Day sale for the rest of May!

To help you and your friends and family celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m discounting each of my House of Jewels ebooks by more than 50 per cent for the rest of May.

So if you’re still tempted to read beyond House of Diamonds to enjoy the adventures of other members of the Huntley family of jewelers in France, the US and Australia, and to share them, don’t hold back!

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Save the date

Noble by name and noble by nature, Sarah Noble of Cessnock in the NSW wine-growing Hunter Valley north of Sydney and west of Newcastle has a generous spirit. 

Child of an artist and librarian, Sarah stocks her new coffee shop, Tea At Elevenses, at 49 Vincent Street, Cessnock, with home-made gifts and the works of independent authors.

They vie for space among 100 teapots, even more vintage teacups, pot plants, secondhand books and delicious cakes, scones, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and more.

Books and teapots at Tea At Elevenses in Cessnock, NSW, where owner Sarah Noble supports independent creatives.

Sarah’s quirkily inviting tea shop, open every day from 10am to 6pm, boasts a mixture of welcoming old furniture and ever more ideas to entice, entrance and nourish body and soul.

Coffee and cake at Teat At Elevenses where Amber Jakeman's House of Diamonds is available.

“We’re having a ‘runes and red’ night in May with local wines, we have a chess club and I’m welcoming writers’ groups and book clubs,” said Sarah, who opened her shop five months ago.

“I just like the idea of supporting individual artists. I am a book person and a tea person, and I want it to be a space where everyone is welcome, and everyone is comfortable.”

There are children’s books, colouring books and board games, as well as copies of my House of Diamonds!

Amber Jakeman's House of Diamonds on a bookshelf at Tea At Elevenses in Cessnock. Join Amber for a book chat on Saturday 10 June 2023 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Please join me at Tea At Elevenses, 49 Vincent Street, Cessnock, NSW, on Saturday 10 June from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, and afterwards, for some tea, coffee, sparkling wine, cake, signings and a book chat.

Some sweet and affordable reads 

As always, I’m glad to team up with like-minded authors to share our books with as many readers as possible.

Enjoy browsing these Clean Cozy Mystery and Clean Romance Free Reads, as well as this In Love with May Flowers selection, and these free Books that will Make you Cry

Here’s a link for Heartwarming Clean Romances, another for Clean Romances for Spring, yet another for wholesome romances, along with this Some Like it Clean mix.

Enjoy, also, this Sweet, Inspirational Romance for Mother’s Day promotion and this Sweet Spring romance giveaway.  

Happy reading!


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